Bring back the lost beauty of your jewelry with Atlantic Gems.

Nothing is more precious than jewelry that once belonged to an important family member or friend. It could be a pendant once worn by a mother or a ring that once belonged to a spouse's parent. And often times, when that jewelry is passed down, it is no longer in its original condition. It could be as simple as a missing gemstone or as complicated as a completely crushed gallery of a Victorian ring.

Atlantic Gems can restore your piece using the care and attention to detail necessary for something so personal. Often times, the piece needs to be restored using techniques that are not commonly used today. Atlantic Gems has the ability to use both old world and modern techniques to bring your piece back to life. We even have access to old mine cut gemstones and diamonds allowing us to maintain the integrity of the piece. You can be confident Atlantic Gems will return your piece "as good as new." But even more importantly, your piece will be returned to you how you remember it. Do you have jewelry that is in need of repair? If so, don't wait any longer, contact us today!

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