Let Atlantic Gems return the sparkle to your gemstones.

No matter how careful, with time, gemstones become damaged, even diamonds. It could be scratches on the table hiding the brilliance of the gem or a chip on the girdle leaving the gemstone simply unusable. Often times people feel as if the piece is ruined and no longer worth anything. This is simply not true.

Atlantic Gems can fix it. We are able to polish almost any gemstone back to its original brilliance and beauty. We can repair small chips and abrasions on the girdle while losing minimal weight and size. When a gemstone or diamond is significantly chipped, we can determine the ideal shape to maximize the undamaged portion. There may be times where it is more cost effective to simply buy a replacement gemstone rather than having a damaged piece re-cut. With the largest loose gemstone inventory in the Washington, DC and Baltimore region, we will be able to make recommendations that are best for you. contact us today if you have gemstones that need to be revitalized or repaired!

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