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Atlantic Gems will string and knot pearls and beaded necklaces for you.

Bead Stringing & Knotting is an art form, something that takes practice, patience, precision, and care. It is something that must be done by hand with the placement of the beads or pearls requiring both experience and judgment. A skillful stringer is able to grade the beads so cleverly that only a slight difference will be found in the weight of the two halves of a necklace.

Atlantic Gems is proud to say that we are able to deliver on all of this and more on each of your projects. All stringing is performed in-house where we have access to any component necessary in the process. From Pearl Stringing using the traditional method of hand-knotting on a double strand of strong silk thread to heavy Bead Stringing using beading wire made of stainless steel coated in nylon, we are able to do it all.

Pearl and bead necklaces on silk should be restrung once a year if worn daily. Every 2 - 4 years if worn occasionally. Most sizes of pearls and beads should be knotted in between each bead. This protects them from rubbing against one another and also prevents the loss of all of the beads if the strand breaks.

Whether you are looking to preserve the style that you have always loved or are looking to revamp your strands into an entirely new design, Atlantic Gems' stringing team can make it happen. Do you have a necklace that needs to be restrung? If so, contact us today!

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