Atlantic Gems can make custom jewelry from items in your jewelry box.

Jewelry is eternal, but designs may not be. Often times we look at a piece of jewelry and wonder "What was I thinking?" Or we receive a gift or heirloom that once belonged to someone special and think "I will never wear this!" The first thought for most is to get Cash for Gold. But in Cash for Gold, you only receive 50 - 60% of the value of the metal and 0% of the value of the gemstones or diamonds. Why settle for such little return on a piece's value?

Atlantic Gems can help you reinvent your piece. We can take the gold or platinum and reuse it to produce a custom piece that you will love. We can use your gemstones and diamonds in the new piece. In this process, you retain up to 85% of the value of the metal and either use or get back your gemstones or diamonds. If your design needs more gold or gemstones, we can provide them to you and you will only have to pay for the new materials and the cost of making the piece.

Atlantic Gems believes that all jewelry should be worn. It does no good sitting in a jewelry box never being touched. Here is an easy way to reuse your own material and create a piece that you will love and wear! If you have an old piece of jewelry and you would like to breathe some new life into it, contact us today!

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