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Our Process

At the initial consultation, we take the customer ideas and begin with simple drawings. If we can draw it, we can make it.

From basic sketches, we move on to CAD Drawings and / or Wax Molds of the final piece. Some pieces may even be directly hand made in metal.

Final piece is completed and delivered after customer's approval of all designs. The result is a piece of jewelry that is your vision.

Atlantic Gems is your top source in the Washington DC and Baltimore area for Custom Jewelry.

Jewelry is a personal statement. It is a reflection of what someone finds beautiful and should complement one's look and personality. But even with the vast designs existing in the market, sometimes the piece you are envisioning cannot be found.

Atlantic Gems' solution is to create it. We can take any idea and create a final piece. We can start with your picture or sketch, your description, or simply a conversation. We will begin with an initial consultation in person or over the phone. Utilizing the speed and ease of the Internet, we can begin to send pictures via CAD (computer aided design) back and forth until we agree on a complete design and price. From there, we will use a variety of techniques from lost wax casting to pure hand fabrication to deliver your final unique jewelry design.

Atlantic Gems is also proud to have the largest loose gemstone inventory in the Washington, DC and Baltimore region. We carry a large selection of diamonds in stock at all times, and work directly and personally with diamond cutters based all over the world. Atlantic Gems is also a recognized distributor of multiple factories in the industry. We will be able to make recommendations that are best for you and source any material that is necessary to create your vision. Are you looking to create a truly unique piece of jewelry? If so, don't wait any longer, contact us today!

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